STEREOMOOD™ In Store Radio, Made Easy
The simple and legal solution for managing In Store Music.


In Store Radio, Made Easy

The right music mood for your business, in just a few clicks: STEREOMOOD™ rewrites the rules of In Store Radio.

A cloud-based solution conceived and developed in order to provide stores with a performing and simple tool for In Store Entertainment.
Immediate interface, with the possibility of customizing music and commercials for every store served. The STEREOMOOD™ portal allows to select your favorite channel among 20 different "music areas", with far from boring and repetitive playlists, updated every day by our Music Curators.

If you are looking for something more: STEREOMOOD™ DJ Console, the advanced tool for the autonomous management of your music playlists, and STEREOMOOD™ Biometrical DJ, the scheduling function that adapts the "music mood" to the customers in your store.

STEREOMOOD™ is a Business to Business solution, conceived for commercial use in public places, in a legal way and in accordance with the rules on copyright.




20 radio channels updated daily, designed for every need of retailers. High-quality listening, with audio files up to 320 kbps.

Click HERE to listen to a preview of the channels.

Content Management

Jingles and commercials personalization for single point of sale, multi-language also available.


Software/Hardware Solution

Possibility to activate the service in 2 modes: software version available for Windows and Android, with Tracklite by Tailoradio, or through hardware, with the dedicated media player.



Online Dashboard for ticket management, licenses and system diagnostics. In addition, multilingual help desk service, available 24/7.